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Andrew Prewett is a diversely skilled animator and generalist. He is someone who has always wanted to keep learning and because of this has been driven to improve and explore his own talents. In artwork he has found an outlet for his mind both creatively and intellectually. It allows him to find great means of expressing himself such as animating a character that he gets to develop a living person or creature into.

Currently he is attending Academy of Art University in San Francisco, California. There he is studying 3d animation and congruently working on personal projects, freelance work and routinely doing photography as a hobby and side profession. Having a background in photography as well has greatly improved his understanding of how images are created, especially when working digitally from scratch.

Andrew has been equipping his skill toolbox to be able to perform any task thrown his direction. His goal is to work in a studio that utilizes his potential and pushes his limits to keep his own career path on a course of improvement. Because he started out from a generalist perspective he has the flexibility to work in smaller studios that need more tasks covered by the same individual or larger configurations that would only utilize his animation background.

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I juggle many different tasks and aspects of life, exploring technology, travel and just living life to the fullest.

  1. current

    Coloring a Child’s World   Lately I have been fairly diligently working away at texturing a whole scene and most recently a character.  Here is some of my progress as I have been working along.   Starting out The geometry was provided though my course at Academy of Art University.  […]

  2. WorkstationHDRs

    It’s been through some change. My build and setup has gone though a few revisions, additions and upgrades over the past few months. Most recently I pulled my PNG Quadro 4000 out and replaced it with two GTX760’s in SLI. When I started out my build I was using a […]

  3. After losing the website from it’s previous version (lovely posts and all) I am back at updating content and planning postings.  Also I am going to do my best to recover or repost previous items that I had on the site like old projects, my workstation build, etc.  Currently I […]

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